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Saturday, October 12

3:40pm PDT

(E1): Rankinen et al.: Apparent-time evidence of American Raising in western Lower Michigan EMU BallroomWil Rankinen • Taylor Neuhaus • Aaron Albin (I1) Murphy & Monahan: Cross-dialectal perception of Canadian Raising EMU BallroomPatrick Murphy • Philip Monahan (I2) Weirich: Perceptual categorization of regional varieties of English in Indiana EMU BallroomPhillip Weirich (I3) Lai: Visual cues facilitate talker-specific perceptual adaptation within gender EMU BallroomWei Lai (I4) Gao & Forrest: Mandarin full tone realization and perception of social personae EMU BallroomFeier Gao • Jon Forrest (J1) Ruthan: Attitudes toward Jazani Arabic EMU BallroomMohammed Ruthan (J2) Freitag: The development of sociolinguistic awareness at schools in Brazilian Portuguese and reading success EMU BallroomRaquel Freitag (J3) Maher & Edwards: Changes in attitudes toward variation in teachers of a code-switching curriculum EMU BallroomZachary Maher • Jan Edwards (J4) Levon et al.: Accent bias and judgments of professional competence: A comparison of laypeople and trained recruiters EMU BallroomErez Levon • Devyani Sharma • Yang Ye • Dominic Watt (J5) Hejná & Jespersen: Garbage language for garbage people? Linguistic integration of adult second-language learners in Denmark EMU BallroomMichaela Hejná • Anna Jespersen (K1) Garrison: Not quite Canada, definitely not California: Evidence of the Low-Back-Merger Shift in Moscow, Idaho EMU BallroomArthur Garrison (K2) Kapner et al.: Revisiting variation of elementary pronunciation in Upstate New York EMU BallroomJulianne Kapner • Theresa Kettelberger • Agatha Milholland (K3) Schlegl: That's what we do in the North: Place identity and variation in Northern Ontario EMU BallroomLisa Schlegl (K4) Reed: The Southern Vowel Shift in Alabama: Regional differentiation or ecological distinction? EMU BallroomPaul Reed (L1) Haddican et al.: The arrival of back vowel fronting in New York City English EMU BallroomWilliam Haddican • Cece Cutler • Alessa Farinella • Tsu Zhu (L2) Umbal: Filipinos front too! A sociophonetic analysis of Toronto English /u/-fronting EMU BallroomPocholo Umbal (L3) Braun: Degree of ‘Outdoorsyness’ as a Predictor of Language Variation in Central Wisconsin EMU BallroomSarah Braun (M1) Eddington & Brown: A production and perception study of /t/ glottalization and oral and glottal releases of /t/ in five US states EMU BallroomDavid Eddington • Earl Brown (M2) Papineau & Hall-Lew: Hooked on Celebri[ɾ]y: Intervocalic /t/ in the Speech and Song of Nina Nesbitt EMU BallroomBrandon Papineau • Lauren Hall-Lew (M3) Zhao: Language variation in regional Putonghua: A case study of Ningbo EMU BallroomHui Zhao (M4) Kazmierski & Urbanek: Variability in word-final /r/-vocalization in Providence: Evidence from Crimetown EMU BallroomKamil Kazmierski • Krzysztof Urbanek (N1) Kaminskaia: Speech style and rhythmic variation in two Canadian French varieties EMU BallroomSvetlana Kaminskaia (N2) Rogers & Rao: Exploring extended focus and meaning in Chilean Spanish intonational plateau contours EMU BallroomBrandon Rogers • Rajiv Rao (N3) LaCasse & Trawick: Quantity and quality: Using prosodic units to apply accountability to code-switching EMU BallroomDora LaCasse (O1) Fagyal: Observing the actuation of phonetic change through the evolution of multiethnic urban speech styles in the French media EMU BallroomZsuzsanna Fagyal (O2) Beaman et al.: Variation and change in lexical productivity across the lifespan: An interdisciplinary investigation of Swabian and standard German EMU BallroomKaren Beaman • Harald Baayen • Michael Ramscar (O3) Gunter et al.: "[s~ʃ]traight up Fourthteenth [s~ʃ]treet”: /stɹ/-retraction and social class in Washington D.C. African American Language EMU BallroomKaylynn Gunter • Charlotte Vaughn • Tyler Kendall (O4) Hirota: The rise of be going to: Evidence from beyond the living speech community EMU BallroomTomoharu Hirota (P1) Howe & Livio: Intensification in Brazilian Portuguese: muito, bem and beyond EMU BallroomChad Howe • Camila Livio (P2) Stratton: A Variationist Approach to German Intensification EMU BallroomJames Stratton (P3) Duncan: Variation in fictional dialogue: Three sources of variability in A Series of Unfortunate Events EMU BallroomDaniel Duncan (P4) Carvalho & Picoral: The acquisition of preposition+article contractions in L3 Portuguese among different L1- speaking learners: A variationist approach EMU BallroomAna Carvalho • Adriana Picoral

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