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Friday, October 11

3:40pm PDT

(A1) Rodriguez: The baptist pastor persona: A sociophonetic case study of vowel stability across a lifespan EMU BallroomShannon Rodriguez (A2) Youssef: Stance and Hyper-articulation: Vowel space expansion in Michael Savage’s stance expression EMU BallroomChadi Ben Youssef (A3) Papineau: ‘The way it be settin’ the tone’: AAE morphosyntax and musical blackface in Ariana Grande’s thank u, next EMU BallroomBrandon Papineau (A4) Conrod: Nonbinary Singular they in Apparent Time EMU BallroomKirby Conrod (A5) Clifford: Late Acquisition of Gendered Phonetics: Voice Feminization in Transgender Women EMU BallroomLily Clifford (B2) Konnelly: Brutoglossia: democracy, authenticity, and the enregisterment of connoisseurship in ‘craft beer talk’ EMU BallroomLex Konnelly (B3) Ahlers & Bohmann: Like finding that one tree in a forest: An analysis of narrative stance EMU BallroomWiebke Ahlers • Axel Bohmann (B4) Staley & Walker: Dialect coaching for sociolinguists: Insights on articulatory setting EMU BallroomVirginia Tech • Abby Walker (B5) LaMonica: Factors in an acoustical-attitudinal account of dialect perception EMU BallroomClelia LaMonica (D1) Barreda: Perceptual validation of vowel normalization methods for variationist research EMU BallroomSantiago Barreda (D2) Cieri et al.: LanguageARC: using Citizen Science to augment sociolinguistic data collection and coding EMU BallroomChristopher Cieri • Jonathan Wright • James Fiumara • Alex Shelmire • Mark Liberman (D3) Brickhouse: Diachronic change in formant dynamics of California low back vowels: an improved analysis method using the Discrete Cosine Transform EMU BallroomChristian Brickhouse (D4) Cole: Class-based, linguistic distinctions in Southeast England: the role of technology in aggregating perceptual dialectology data EMU BallroomAmanda Cole (D5) Schneier: Faster than the Speed of Lol: Examining Digital Articulatory Processes of Text-Based Paralinguistic Features in Mobile Communication EMU BallroomJoel Schneier (E2) Kapner: Snowy days and nasal A's: The retreat of the Northern Cities Shift in Rochester, New York EMU BallroomJulianne Kapner (E3) Diskin et al.: Sociophonetic variability in the /el/-/ael/ merger in Australian (Melbourne) English: Comparing wordlist and conversational data EMU BallroomChloé Diskin • Deborah Loakes • Rosey Billington • Simón Gonzalez • Ben Volchok • Josh Clothier (E4) Champagne: Where the skies are not cl/aʊ/dy all day: /aʊ/ nucleus lowering and retraction across apparent time in three rural Kansan communities EMU BallroomMatt Champagne (E5) Lee: Topic-based style shifts of North Korean refugees in sociolinguistic interview EMU BallroomJungah Lee (F1) Gilbert: An acoustic study of stylistic and contact-induced variability in Uruguayan Spanish EMU BallroomMadeline Gilbert (F2) Gradoville et al.: Cognate similarity and intervocalic /d/ production in Riverense Spanish EMU BallroomMichael Gradoville • Mark Waltermire • Avizia Long (F3) White & Roberts: Variability in the Welsh initial consonant mutation system EMU BallroomYosiane White • Gareth Roberts (F4) Hejná & Kazmierski: Even Americans pre-aspirate EMU BallroomMichaela Hejná • Kamil Kazmierski (G1) Newman & Fernández-Mallat: Usted, tú, and occasionally vos: Variation in 2nd person singular address in New York City Spanish EMU BallroomMichael Newman • Victor Fernández-Mallat (G2) Pinta: Variable gender agreement in Correntinean Spanish EMU BallroomJustin Pinta (G3) Diaz-Campos et al.: Expressing future tense in Spanish: A comparative corpus analysis of Caracas, Malaga, and Mexico City EMU BallroomManuel Diaz-Campos • Dylan Jarrett • Juan Manuel Escalona Torres (H1) Bigger et al.: From placeholder to hesitation marker: na in Quechua/Spanish bilingual speech EMU BallroomSarah Bigger • Bethany Bateman • Chad Howe (H2) Picoral: Extension of ​estar​ in monolingual and bilingual Spanish: A word embeddings study EMU BallroomAdriana Picoral (H3) Pfeiler & Skopeteas: Variation and change in Yucatec Maya EMU BallroomBarbara Pfeiler • Stavros Skopeteas (H4) Chatten et al.: “I’ve always spoke(n) like this, you see”: Participle leveling in three corpora of English EMU BallroomAlicia Chatten • Jai Pena • Kimberley Baxter • Erwanne Mas • Guy Tabachnick • Daniel Duncan • Laurel MacKenzie *Withdrawn* (B1) Namboodiripad & Yu: “If it’s a bunch of English words glued together, it’s English”: Impressionistic identification of word-origins as a way to measure language boundaries EMU BallroomSavithry Namboodiripad • Diane Yu *Withdrawn* (H5) Dollinger: Colloquialization, early mass literacy and an Emigrant Letter Corpus: the rise of 1st person will in 1830s Canada EMU BallroomStefan Dollinger

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